Nature and Health Laboratory

Team and Collaborators

Co-authors and Collaborators


Professor and Director: Erin Largo-Wight, PhD


UNF's Institute of Environmental Research and Education (IERE)

IERE has supported UNF nature contact research since 2007 through seed grants, administrative support, and facilitating partnerships.


Nature and Health Alliance

Collaboration with nature and health experts nationwide.


Michael Binder, PhD

Dr. Mike Binder is faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Political Science and Public Administration at UNF and Director of the UNF Public Opinion Research Laboratory and collaborates and contributes to data collection, management, and analysis.


Caroline Guardino, PhD

Dr. Caroline Guardino is faculty in the College of Education and Human Services in the Department of Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education at UNF and collaborates on research related to schools, children, and environmental design and nature contact.


Katrina Hall, PhD

Dr. Katrina Hall is faculty in the College of Education and Human Services, Department of Childhood Education, Literacy, and TESOL at UNF and collaborates on research related to schools, children, and nature contact.


Stephanie Hooper, MPH

Steph Hooper first began collaborating in 2018 as part of her graduate coursework, and continues today as an instructor at UNF.



Hana Kusumoto, MPH

Hana Kusumoto is a graduate of UNF's Master of Public Health program and research collaborator in Largo-Wight Lab. Her research aims to better understand the impact of the environment and nature on health and healthcare.


Christopher McLaughlin, MPH, CPH, LT, MSC, USN

Chris McLaughlin graduated with his MPH from UNF in 2017 and continues to collaborate and conduct studies with the Lab today.



Julie Merten, PhD

Dr. Julie Merten is a professor and administrator at UNF and collaborates on research related to community outreach and application.

Manoj Sharma, MBBS, PhD, MCHES 

Dr. Manoj Sharma is a professor of social and behavioral health in the the School of Public Health at the University of Nevada and a public health physician. Dr. Sharma and his team collaborates on research related to theory and determinants of nature and environmental-related health behaviors.


Heather Truelove, PhD

Dr. Heather B. Truelove is faculty in the Department of Psychology and collaborates on research related to pro-environment behavior change.



Jeff Wight, PhD

Dr. Jeff Wight is a faculty in Department of Kinesiology at Jacksonville University and contributes to research methodology, data collection and analysis, and biological, physiological, and health science.


Peter Wludyka, PhD

Dr. Peter Wludyka is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNF and contributes to research design and statistical analysis.